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2 Day Beginners Wilderness Survival Course

Our 2 day beginner course to modern day Wilderness Survival  is a great introductory course that will teach you the basics of survival and what you should carry in your pack for surviving over night if necessary. With hands on experience you will learn How To Start a FireHow to Build a Shelter andHow to Find Food in the Wilderness. At the end of your two day course you will have learned the Basic Survival Skills and gained the basic knowledge to be prepared and stay alive.  Have the confidence to go further into the woods without fear, learn how to build your own Wilderness Survival Kit and How to Survive in the Wilderness. Come join us for the weekend so you can enjoy a lifetime in the woods. 

The truth is, you will never completely learn to enjoy the outdoors, if like so many others you have a fear of being lost. Who wouldn’t love the adventure of hiking off of a beaten trail? Have you ever wanted to go completely cross country to get away from a busy road and into more remote, wildlife abundant and less populated locations? Thousands of people will never get to experience these adventures because they lack the necessary Navigation Skills.  Hundreds of other people will become lost each year and many will die because they attempted these adventures and found themselves lost, scared and alone without  proper Compass or Map Reading Skills necessary to reach safety. Many people rely on GPS navigation with their lives but GPS Training and Navigation only works if the gps works. But they are electronic and it's possible that they will break and they fail.
For those who love the outdoors or want to learn how to hunt, it is nearly impossible to become a successful outdoors person, or hunter, if you are always going into the wilderness with a fear of being lost. This means you go in after daylight and leave before dark because you are afraid of being lost in the wilderness. Simply put, you just spent most of your time and money hunting when and where you won’t find many animals. You need to go where the animals go which is often far from any road access. And you need to be on the animals time schedule which often means you need to be far away from your car when the sun comes up and when it goes down. The only way to do this comfortably is to have proper Navigation Skills through the wilderness both in the daylight and the dark.

2 Day Land Navigation Course Map, Compass, GPS

Importance of Wilderness Survival Skills

Each and every year hikers, berry pickers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds venture into the wilderness with total disregard to safety and no more that the clothes they are wearing. Although this is a poor decision, for many this has never been a problem. For many others a normal day's hike becomes their worst nightmare and often leads to a miserable death. There is absolutely no reason that a person should walk into the wilderness or even go on a simple family hike without first being prepared with the modern essentials needed for an emergency. An injury, bad weather, getting turned around or lost. I could share dozens of stories of how I have saved lost hikers and hunters and how I have personally needed and used Outdoor Survival Skills  to survive in the wilderness when it matters most. If you are new to the outdoors, or lack the proper training, then our modern day Wilderness Survival Skills Training Course is just what you need. 

Do you love nature, but not enough to be alone in it? Is your significant other a weekend warrior or even a die-hard hunter and is asking you to come along? Or best of all, have you ever just wanted to go for a walk in the peacefulness of the woods but are not sure how to take care of yourself if you were to get turned around or separated from others? Well don’t panic (first rule of the outdoors), we have the class for you. In this all female class, you will learn Compass and Map Reading Skills, How To Start a Fire, How to Build a Survival Shelter and much more. We will give you the Basic Survival Skills for Surviving in The Wilderness  overnight. 


Let us know what question you may have, always happy to help.

 WhyLand Navigation Training?

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Let us know what question you may have, always happy to help.

Wilderness Survival Skills


Basic wilderness Land Navigation Training should be a prerequisite to any outdoor adventure large or small. Trusting yours or your loved ones lives solely on an electronic gps device is an irresponsible decision but learning the basic Map Reading Skills and Compass Navigation skills is priceless. This two day introductory land navigation course is designed for people with very little or no knowledge of Navigation who want to feel confident with GPS, Compass and Map Reading Skills. When you are finished with this course you will have the basic GPS training, Compass training and Map Reading skills to orientate yourself with a map, take compass readings, mark bearing points and have the confidence to find your way into the wilderness and back to your starting point. If you are not afraid of getting lost, you now have the chance to enjoy the Wilderness to its fullest. This course takes place in the field with hands on training.  Don't be that guy.. SIGN UP FOR A COURSE TODAY!!


Class will be a combination of both lecture and hands on learning time in the forest. You will be able to form new friendships with other Women in The Outdoors who share your interest. You will work as a team to learn and begin to master your new Wilderness Survival Skills.  Best of all, after a long day of hiking and testing your new Navigation Skills we will learn How To Build a Survival Shelter and you will put your fire starting skills to the test. At night we will relax and take in the days events over dinner, enjoy campfire stories, shooting our bows or guns and more. 

Survival& Navigation


Our Advanced course is an all out Wilderness adventure designed to test and advance your navigation and survival skills. This course combines your Map,Compass and GPS Navigation Skills with your Wilderness Survival Skills and will advance your confidence in all aspects of  Wilderness Survival and Navigation. You will enter the woods at point A and spend the next three days using Map, Compass and GPS Navigation to get through the forest to an extraction point. During this three day course you will master your  ShelterBuilding Skills and Fire Building Skills  and use them to stay warm and dry each night. Learn about wild edibles and forage for food along the way. Bring only what you would carry in your hunting or hiking daypack no sleeping bags or tents allowed. This course is great for those who have completed the beginning Navigation and Survival course or for those who have experience. For safety purpose we will have a daily extraction point if you should decide to quit.


3 Day Advanced Wilderness Survival and Navigation