Do you, your children or someone you know want to get involved in Big Game Hunting but don’t know where to start? Have you spent time hunting before but haven’t had success or just can't seem to close the deal? Maybe you hunt with your buddies but success is the rare occasion instead of the normal? Are you tired of spending money on gear, gimmicks, time and effort only to go home empty handed once again? If you answer yes to any of these questions then I can help you. There is plenty of FREE advice when it comes to hunting but the hard truth is, a lot of unsuccessful hunters teach others their same bad hunting habits, which leads to the next generation learning these same bad habits. Statistics prove that most hunters are unsuccessful year after year after year. And most successful hunters were unsuccessful the year before. Learn to become a better, more experienced and successful hunter by being taught by a professional and successful hunter. Instead of people saying WOW you got one? Have them saying WOW... you didn’t get one?
Quit investing your hard earned money into useless products and gear that will never help you become successful and save thousands of dollars over time by investing your money into the education that will help you fill your freezer.  DON'T WAIT SIGN UP FOR A COURSE TODAY!! 
All survival and navigation courses take place in the field on public lands in Southwest Washington 1 -1/2 hours from Portland and approximately 3 hours from Seattle. Can't travel that far? No Problem!! I will travel to your favorite hunting area and teach any course with groups of 4 or more.

Just because the scouting is done and you know how to find elk most certainly doesn't mean that you know how to hunt elk. In fact this is where many people fail. This is also another area where I can be of huge help to you. In this course I will teach you how and when to use each hunting technique successfully for big game hunting. Spot and stalk hunting is the most common method for many, but if you have hunted before then you know that it's not always easy. In addition to spot and stalk hunting, being proficient at still hunting and tracking animals in heavy cover will lead to being successful on a more regular basis. Still hunting and tracking animals are skills very few hunters are proficient and many hunters haven't yet learned how to quietly or slowly sneak through the woods. Often times when they do see an animal it's running away. In this course not only will I teach you the techniques to be a better hunter but I will teach you tricks to sneak up close as well.  Come join me for the two days and learn to master the art of Spot and Stalk, Still hunting, Ambushing and learn how calling can benefit you year around. 

Don't stop at the scouting!!  Master the hunting techniques that will close the deal.




Mastering Successful Elk Hunting Techniques

Hunting School

Our Introduction to Big Game Hunting is a two day entry level course for new hunters young or old. During this course you will learn to build a solid foundation for successful and ethical hunting. Like anything, it all starts with a solid foundation. Thiscourse will save you hundreds of dollars by teaching you what hunting gear and hunting clothes you really need as well as what hunting gear most people are wasting money on. Learn about the different style of hunting packs and recommended weapon choices for big game hunting as well as what you should be carrying in your pack on every hunting trip. You will also save money by learning how to research areas and then how to scout from home using Google Earth before you ever leave to the field. Learn about different types of quality hunting optics and the benefits of each as well as the basic habits and habitat of the animals you will hunt.  Most people over invest by hundreds or even thousands of dollars into product that will never increase success. As a professional guide I can tell you that if I don't need it.. You most likely don't need it either. Let’s fix that and give you a solid foundation for making you a successful hunter.




Scouting is a huge part of being successful on a regular basis. I owe a big part of my success to the huge amount of time spent in the field scouting. In this advanced scouting course you will personally accompany me as I scout new areas and find elk. You will learn first hand how to find elk consistently. In this short time I will teach you everything I can about elk habitat and behavior for all times of the year. You will learn how to scout for elk and learn how to elk hunt in these types of areas effectively. Weather, rut, food sources, pressure, these all play a role in where these animals live, how they travel and how they behave. In this advanced scouting course you will learn when, where and how to scout for elk using game cameras and how to use effective glassing methods so that you don't pressure the animals once you do find them. Learn how to find bedding areas, how to find feeding areas and learn how to read all types of sign and determine the age of the sign. Learn if you are in a rutting area or a winter/summer area. I will teach you the importance of wind thermals and myths about scent control products. Whether you are hunting Roosevelt elk on the coast or Rocky Mountain elk in any region of our country the principals are all the same. Most people will advance their elk knowledge by years in this one weeks course if you had to learn it alone or even with someone of moderate experience. Bring your camping gear for this course because we are going on a road trip.
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Introduction to Big Game Hunting   2 day course

All About Elk - Advanced Scouting Techniques
2 day crash course or 5 day extended course