Mike worked and managed an outfitting business in southwest Montana where he successfully guided for elk, deer, bear, moose and sheep. Mike also spent his time in the spring and summer working as a fly fishing guide on the Yellowstone, Madison, and Beaverhead rivers in western Montana. However, every year he would still find his way back home to Washington to hunt for elk and deer.  Mikes love of the outdoors and elk hunting drove him south to New Mexico in 1990 where he began guiding archery elk hunters in the beautiful Gila National Forest.He now spends as much time as he can in the woods. His love and passion of the outdoors and his commitment to sharing his knowledge has led him to create NW School for Hunters. Being able to show and teach survival skills so that others can experience the outdoors like he does is his passion. 

Available Classes

Kirstin Jenkins

After over six years of being a couple, Kirstin has come to love, and appreciate the outdoors like her husband. Though she does not have the extensive knowledge that Mike has, she is always willing to tag along and learn new things. During the summer months, she loves to go berry picking in the woods and make jam, go stick fishing or just glass for animals with her husband. Still in the process of learning how to become a better hunter and outdoors woman, she spends as much time outdoors as she can. If you see her in camp, she will be your berry guide, cook and medic. 

About Our Guides

Welcome to NW School for Hunters and thank you for joining us.

Albert Einstein once said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.

That is our hope for you as you join us and learn about the Wilderness around you. With over 30 years of knowledge of hunting and spending time in the beautiful Pacific Northwest woods, Mike Jenkins has learned to survive, and thrive, in the woods. More comfortable in the deep woods than most people, we hope to have you glean some new information to help you survive and enjoy your time while hunting, hiking or just going for a walk. It's always better to have the knowledge and experience when you may need it rather than needing it and not having it.

Our Hunting and Survival School is based on the theory that to fully enjoy your time in the wilderness, you need to understand the woods around you. Whether you are new to hunting and hiking or a seasoned hunter, we have something to offer you. From scouting and glassing to picking native berries and mushrooms, we will teach you how to enjoy the woods around you. 

Don't wait another minute. Schedule an Outdoor Survival Skills class or learn How To Hunt big game animals the right way.

Mike Jenkins

Mike grew up living and hunting in the coastal mountains of Western Washington. Being the oldest of three boys, his dad had him out in the woods as soon as he was old enough to walk. Since then, he enjoys going camping, fishing, hunting and hiking any time he can. By the time Mike was 20 years old he had already successfully harvested many Roosevelt elk and Blacktail deer, which lead him to Alaska where he learned subsistence living and worked in the timber industry and got his first experience guiding hunters.  As much as Mike loved the vast wilderness and lifestyle of Alaska, his passion for elk hunting soon took him to Montana to work as a full time hunting guide.