Don't wait until it's too late! If you spend time in the woods doing just about any activity there is always a chance for something to go wrong. The farther away from civilization you are when trouble strikes the more important it is to have Wilderness Survival Skills.

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At Northwest School for Hunters, we're dedicated to ensuring you leave us with the skills to successfully hunt and/or survive in the wild. 

Have you ever wanted to learn navigation or modern day survival skills? Or fast track your experience to becoming a more successful hunter? Maybe gain the knowledge to become a great professional hunting guide? Being able to provide for and teach your family and friends how to be successful hunters is a great reward.  Northwest School for Hunters and Outdoorsman is dedicated to teaching you these things. 
With the product market at an all-time high, many people lose focus on  what it really takes to be successful. Hunters are spending thousands of dollars on gimmick products designed to "make you successful" and they are just that... GIMMICKS! What people really need to be successful is EXPERIENCE and time spent in the field. This is exactly what we can offer you. Our courses will give you PROFESSIONAL experience and best of all it will save you time, money and you can start using it immediately to jump start your success in the field.
Our courses focus on public land hunting. WHY? Not everyone has the opportunity to hunt private lands, in fact the majority of people do not have that luxury. Another fact is that the majority of quality western big game animals live and are harvested on public lands not on private. We want to teach you how to be safe and confident navigating through our public lands where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy.
Why choose a course with us? Your instructor, Mike Jenkins has been a professional hunting guide for over 22 years. He has spent the majority of his life hunting, living or guiding in remote Alaska, Montana, New Mexico and Arizona and of course his home region of the coastal rainforest mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Mike has excelled both as a hunter and a professional guide. Dedicated to sharing his passion, his professional knowledge will give you the experience needed to increase your success for years to come.   Be ready for the hunting season and come see us in the woods!

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Becoming a professional hunting guide is much more than being a horseman or packer. In fact, horsemanship is the smallest portion of being a professional guide. A hunting guide needs to have experience in a wide range of skills before he can call himself a professional.  Guide School

Whether you are a beginning hunter wanting  to learn how to get started or have experience and want to become a more successful archery or rifle big game hunter, we have a course that will give you extensive knowledge.  Everything from proper gear selection to successful scouting and hunting techniques . Hunting School

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